Bridge Bread Anthem

Bridge Bread wanted to tell the story of how supportive employment can change the lives of people who are experiencing homelessness from the point of view of our Bakers. Christian rap artist Antha Rednote volunteered to write the Bridge Bread Anthem and spent some serious time at the Bakery to get the full story. He wrote a very compelling Rap and set it to music. The lyrics are below. Then Josh Hester of The Storyteller Studios agreed to compose the accompanying video. The results are amazing. You can view the video below and you can download the song and support the work of Bridge Bread.
Bridge Bread is changing lives with supportive employment that lets people overcome the poverty that led them to homelessness.

Written and Produced: By Antha REdNOTE
© 2016 Bridge Bread Bakery / Antha Rodgers (ASCAP)
You’ve been a Bridge Over Troubled Water
You’ve been a Gift To All Sons and Daughters
You’ve Done More Than Give a Handout
You’ve Helped Us To Stand Out
Shot through the dark like a Tesla
From sleeping on a vent in three sweats
...A Park Bench ain’t no better
Especially when the winter won't let up
People looking at me like Imma bum
But, I ain’t ever ask them for a single crumb
They Don’t Know my future nor Where I’m from
Just tryna be a man for my baby son
Went so many nights with anger on my sleeve
Went so many nights without a place to sleep
Went a couple nights without a thing to eat
But, by the grace of GOD I'm now on my feet
By the grace of GOD I'm out here learning a trade
By the grace of GOD I'm getting legal pay
By the grace of GOD she stopped turning tricks
As the only way she could keep a light switch
Now a loaf of bread serves as a bridge
Between Dignity and Healthy self-image
It took a lot of LOVE to get me to this point
Service over self and dollars over coins
Now I walk the streets with my head high
Who knew a cin-a-bun would give a wealth of pride?
I'm grateful every day that I am alive
Cause homelessness could drive you to do a suicide
I'm grateful that I’m even standing here today
I'm humbled that I even took the time to pray
I didn't even know what I was ‘pose to say
How I know He heard me? Look at my smiling face
A lotta people want sex, money, clothes
I just wanted keys to my own doe
So, A HUGE… THANK YOU to all of those
Who watered my life …NOW…Watch It Grow!!!
The Bridge Bread Anthem is available on iTunes and Google Play