Bridge Bread Delivery

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Bridge Bread now offers free delivery for orders of $20 or more to homes, businesses, schools, and churches. We deliver starting at 8:00 am on each of four routes (one route on each day Tuesday through Friday) as shown below.

How does it work?

  1. Place your order through our online store:
    • NOTE: Free delivery for orders over $20. There is a $5 delivery charge on orders less than $20.
  2. We will figure out which route (see below) we can deliver on and schedule your delivery
    • If your location is close to another route that delivers quicker, we will choose that route
    • At this time, we do not deliver to locations in Illinois
  3. We will notify you when to expect delivery
  4. We will deliver to your location starting at 8:00 am and leave the order on the porch, step, reception desk, or apartment foyer
  5. You get to eat all the goodies and know you are doing a good thing by supporting Bridge Bread


I 70 North - Red Route #4

Delivery on Friday

North City
North and Northwest St. Louis County
Northern Maryland Heights
St. Charles County

I 64 - Blue Route #3

Delivery on Thursday

Central City from Downtown to Clayton
Central County from Clayton to Ladue, Town & Country
West County from Ballwin, Manchester, Wildwood to Chesterfield Valley

I 44 Orange Route #2

Delivery on Wednesday

Southwest City
Southwest from Sunset Hills to Fenton, Valley Park, High Ridge

I 55 Green Route #1

Delivery on Tuesday

South City
South County from Affton to Arnold