Lunch with the Bakers

We welcome one group of not more than eight people to visit the Bakery and share lunch with the Bakers with advance notice. The Bakery is small so we can't accommodate larger groups.

Since we are a fast paced working bakery and are working against dead-lines, we ask you to arrive about 11:45am to get an overview and tour and to set up a simple wholesome lunch you bring to share. (Plan on your group + 6 bakers + possibly 1 Bridge Bread volunteer)

The bakers will join you and possibly the volunteer for lunch until 12:45pm. This is a great informal way to get a better understanding of the mission of Bridge Bread from the most important people involved, the Bakers and the volunteers.

If you wish to buy any bread or rolls to take with you (other than your church's weekly order) you can stop by the Bake Shop at 2639 Cherokee, Saint Louis, MO 63118. It’s our retail location and usually has a good selection.

If lunch doesn't work, a small group or family is welcome to visit with advance notice and view the bakery and talk to the shift supervisor in the mornings or afternoons, however the bakers will not be able to stop work to spend time with you. Friday afternoons are very good for this.

The address of the Bakery is 5622 South Grand Boulevard, Saint Louis, MO 63111. It’s just South of the Jack-in-the-Box at Grand and Bates. You can call the Bake Shop at 314-296-3077 if you need help.