Bridge Bread Pan Brownies

Bridge Bread Pan Brownies are the perfect gift for the brownie lover

- and who doesn't love brownies!

Do you like your brownies soft and chewy? Or do you hunt of the edges to get a crunchy piece?
Bridge Bread Pan browines have something for everyone.

  • Crunchy edges
  • Crisp almost candy-like top crust
  • Moist, chewy,soft center

The pan can be cut into six good-sized brownies.

The brownies average about 2 1/2" square.

Each gift contains two 12-ounce pans of brownies each about six generously-sized servings - a total of 24 ounces, one dozen brownies. We pack the two trays and a Bridge Bread brochure in a 6 x 9 x 4 inch box and mail it USPS.

Cost is $25 per gift - including shipping.
Please send you order to