Bridge Bread is a volunteer-driven organization, and we welcome new volunteers. Our opportunities for service are in our retail Bake Shop on Cherokee near Jefferson. We want our (formerly) homeless Bakers to get all the hours they can so we don't need volunteers in the Bakery. If you are interested in having a small group make products for the group's use, check out our Bake with the Bakers page.

At the Bake Shop, you would ring up sales of our bread, sweet rolls, and brownies and those sales create more supportive employment for our formerly-homeless Bakers. In addition, many of the people coming into the Bake Shop are at least as interested in our social enterprise and issues of homelessness, poverty, and social justice. So there is ample opportunity to spread the word of 'Hope in the Baking' while you create opportunity for the Bakers.

You must be 18 years of age to volunteer - or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


You can see volunteer opportunities at VolunteerMatch.org

Volunteer at Bridge Bread on Cherokee (South St. Louis)

Volunteer shifts at Bridge Bread on Cherokee range from two hours to four hours in length. Contact us at info@bridgebread.org or call us at 314-296-3077 to sign up or to get more information. We are currently in need of volunteers to pack church orders as well as work on the bread truck.
Download our Volunteer Brochure for more information.