Bridge Bread where you are!

Now you can support the work of Bridge Bread Bakery right where you live! Bridge Bread is available in bulk for shipment to the lower 48 and the District of Columbia.

Just order full boxes of bread and cinnamon rolls and we will bake them fresh and ship them to you at no additional charge. Areas near St. Louis should receive their bread in one day after shipping and most urban areas will receive it in two days coast-to-coast. Bridge Bread is packaged in containers that keep it fresh for several days beyond two and it will be delicious when it gets there.

How to participate

Buy a box for yourself
Eat what you like and freeze the rest until you're ready for it. It will keep for weeks and weeks in the freezer in the packages we ship it in.
"Bread my Cube"
Take orders from your coworkers and distribute Bridge Bread so all can participate. It's okay if it doesn't come out even. Just freeze what's left over and thaw it the day before the next event
Treat your family, friends, and neighbors
Be generous and spread the good word of 'Hope in the Baking'
Set up shop
Buy Bridge Bread for sale at your church, school, or place of business. Sell it on Sunday, Monday or whenever. If it doesn't all sell, freeze it for the next sale

Whatever you do with Bridge Bread, it will be a blessing to the Bakers of Bridge Bread.
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Help People Experiencing Homelessness with a Hand Up, not a Handout

Bridge Bread is a social enterprise designed to provide job opportunities for people experiencing homelessness or those who are housing insecure. The goal of the program is to help the disadvantaged engage in a financially rewarding effort that enhances self-worth, promotes dignity and enables them to help themselves.

Our (formerly) homeless Bakers are the only paid employees of Bridge Bread. They make bread and sweet rolls and the proceeds pay their wages and cover the cost of ingredients. Donations cover rent, utilities, and insurance.