When did Bridge Bread begin?

Bridge bread was the “brainchild” of Fred Domke, who, with his wife Sharon, has been the driving force of this entrepreneurial venture. Under the direction of Chef Alan Ramsey, head chef at The Bridge, Fred, Sharon and a group of volunteers made the first batch of bread on the eighth of September (2011). We sold out the next day at Lafayette Park United Methodist Church. Since then we've hired several workers, signed on several churches as distributors with more coming on board soon.

Special thanks to Chuck Lawrence, Gary Buettner, and Michelle Rotherham for their dedication in becoming volunteer shift supervisors for Bridge Bread. Chuck has been there from the very beginning with Gary and Michelle close behind. Gary supervises production on Wednesday (when needed) and Thursday evenings. Chuck takes over at 2:30 on Friday, and Michelle purchases supplies and supervises production on Saturday each month. All three do much, much, more. Chuck designed and produces our brochures and labels and we all speak on Bridge Bread whenever we can.