Free Bread for Charities

Our Free Bread for Charities program will re-start in January 2024.

Please contact if you would like to purchase bread and donate it to a local charity.

Bridge Bread has a program to donate fresh bread to organizations serving people in need. Bridge Bread is a social enterprise whose purpose is to provide supportive employment that makes it possible for a person experiencing homelessness to help themselves by earning a decent wage making baked goods. We want to help more people and provide more hours of work for our bakers.

You can help – by taking free bread and using it in your program. Or by donating to make this program possible.

If your St. Louis area program or organization has a feeding program, a food pantry, or some other way you can distribute the bread to those in need, you can participate. Here’s how it works:

  • You let us know how much bread you want / need and when. Email
  • We promote the free bread program on our website, Facebook page, by e-mail, and in our shop.
  • People make donations.
    • We can show your logo and link to your page and let people designate their donation to your program.
    • If you don’t want us to solicit donations designated for your organization, we can still allocate non-designated donations to your program.
    • We let you know when donors have funded your request and when the bread will be made.
  • Our Bakers make the bread – and earn the wages that help them get their lives on track.
  • You pick up the bread from the Bakery at 2639 Cherokee 63118 and use it in your program.

Supporters who donate get to help both the area organization with free bread and our bakers with supportive employment. People in need get tasty, wholesome, fresh bread. A $20 donation gives a baker an hour of supportive employment and gives the area organization 10 loaves of bread. If you would like to support this program financially, donate here.