You can help support the work of Bridge Bread Bakery by offering Bridge Bread for sale where you work. The mechanics of a Corporate Bake Sale are pretty simple:

  • Volunteers at your company get corporate approval and set a date for the sale.
  • The sale is promoted internally and pre-orders are accepted.
  • A week in advance, the order is placed for the total of the pre-orders plus additional product for last-minute sales.
  • We make the product.
  • Your team picks it up at Bridge Bread on Cherokee in the City.
    • If you are out of the St. Louis Metro area contact us about shipping.
  • Your team distributes the pre-orders and collects payment.
  • Someone sits at the table for impulse buys and sells what they can.
  • The money is deposited in a company account.
  • The company sends a check.

Note that there is no financial commitment from the company at all. We just ask that your team sends us what they take in. There may be unsold product that was ordered for impulse purchases that doesn’t sell. That’s okay, no payment for unsold goods is expected. On the other hand, some people will ask you to ‘keep the change’ or even throw in a few dollars. We ask that you do send that. Our experience is that most of the time intentional overpayment more than covers the cost of unsold goods and we just don’t worry about it – and you don’t need to either.

Click here to send us a note and we will contact you.