Bridge Bread’s Products

Bridge Bread products are made with simple, wholesome ingredients. Each loaf or roll is formed by hand and every one is unique. You can purchase products through our online store for free delivery or pick-up from our Bake Shop on Cherokee Street. The Bake shop is open on Tuesday Through Saturday 9am – 3pm.

Bridge Bread bakes:

  • Breads:
    • Sourdough Loafs: White, Wheat, Everything
    • Brioche Loafs: Light Brioche, Garlic Herb, Big Braided Brioche
    • Apple Cinnamon Loaf
    • Sliced Sandwich Loafs: White, Wheat, Artisan Grain & Seeds, Sourdough
    • Rolls: Brioche, Hotel White, Hotel Wheat, Hotel Garlic Herb
  • Cinnamon Rolls: Classic Brioche Cinnamon Rolls
  • Awesome Rolls: These cinnamon rolls use the latest in food science and natural plant enzymes to condition the dough and wow, does it work. Great texture, great flavor, and they last longer.
    • Cinnamon
    • Cinnamon Apple
    • Cherry Pie
    • Cranberry Orange
  • Cake: Chocolate Creme Cake, White Creme Cake, 8oz and 24oz Gooey Butter Cakes
  • Bagels: Our hand-made from scratch bagels are New York style kettle-boiled bagels – Classic, Cinnamon, Everything, Blueberry, and Pretzel
  • Brownies & Pan Brownies
  • Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, Gooey Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar
  • Scones: Chocolate Chip, Apple
  • Pastries: Apple Danish, Cheese Danish, Strawberry Danish, Apple Turnovers, Cherry Turnovers
  • Donuts: Vanilla Cake Donuts with Vanilla Icing, Chocolate Icing, or Glaze with Cinnamon Sugar
  • DAY-Nuts: Fried Danish with a generous helping of glaze

Bridge Bread uses wholesome bakery ingredients.

We do not use high-fructose corn syrup and all products are made using equipment that has never touched nuts or nut products.

  • Unbleached unbromated flour
  • Fresh whole milk
  • Fresh eggs
  • Fresh butter
  • Kosher salt
  • Highly dutched natural cocoa powder
  • Ocean Spray dried cranberries

Many commercial baked products use artificial additives for many purposes including delaying staleness avoiding mold, conditioning the dough and keeping the finished product soft. Bridge Bread does not use any additives in most of our products. We do use a special formulation of natural plant enzymes and some calcium proportionate in our hotel rolls, our sliced sandwich bread, and our awesome rolls. These enzymes break down in the baking process and are not actually present in the finished product.