Here's some information about some of our products and what we do to make them so good.

  • Bagels: Our hand-made from scratch bagels are New York style kettle-boiled bagels - the real thing.
  • Brownies: We make brownies using the recipe from an old copy of 'The Joy of Cooking' with nothing artificial. When we say they're just like Grandma's, we mean it.
  • Pan Brownies: If you want a dessert to share, please consider our Pan Brownies. It's the same recipe in a reheatable aluminum pan. You can cut it into 6 - 18 pieces depending on appetites!
  • Download Product Sheet: This is just food porn. Great photos of delicious Bridge Bread loaves, rolls, brownies and more.
  • Some thoughts on freshness: Please let us explain Fresh Bread, Dry Bread, Stale Bread and Bridge Bread.
  • What's inside Bridge Bread Products?