Bridge Bread Bakery on Cherokee

Our New Home

There is much still to be done

As Bridge Bread prepares to take possession of the beautiful Vandora Theater Building on Cherokee and as we embark on a journey that will ultimately provide supportive employment for many, many more people, the sight of a person experiencing homelessness literally at our door reminds us of why we are here.

Earlier this year, we were made aware of the availability of a new and much larger home for Bridge Bread to support our existing and future growth plans. The Vandora Theater Building located at 2639-41 Cherokee, built in 1909 has become a true historical landmark of the city of St. Louis. In 2004 the building was purchased by the Black Bear Bakery. At the time of that purchase, significant renovations took place that included the creation of a large commercial baking facility (more than four time the size of the current Bridge Bread Bakery on 5622 So. Grand.) In addition, the space includes a “front-of-the-house” dining area that will offer a perfect spot for current and future friends of Bridge Bread to enjoy a cup of coffee and a Bridge Bread bagel or sweet roll with a friend. With the size of the dining area (over 1,000 sq. ft. plus a balcony), we will be able host community events and to rent the space for special events or parties. This will give us the opportunity to share the mission of Bridge Bread with a much broader audience.

As we expand we will be able to hire many more Bakers and continue to show how 'Hope in the Baking' proves that people who have experienced homelessness are not 'throwaway people' and can become valuable contributing members of our community.

We expect to close on the Vandora Building next week. We will be forming a special committee made up of members of our Bridge Bread board and others to work on our renovation plans for the space. In addition, we are working on ideas that will make effective use of the space to conduct guided tours of the bakery that will expose more people to the Bridge Bread mission and how the public can help to support this mission. These renovation plans will be supported by a separate capital campaign initiative.

We’ll keep you posted as progress is made. On behalf of our bakers and our board, I want to thank you for your past and future support of Bridge Bread.

To achieve our goals, we will need many volunteers and significant funding.

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