Bridge Bread Values – Environment

The environment in which we live is of utmost importance and Bridge Bread Bakery takes its commitment to keeping it healthy very seriously. We have implemented several projects to help.

  • With the help of very generous supporters at our ‘Bread and Butter Gala’, we were able to purchase and install a high-tech, highly efficient heat pump HVAC system.
  • Several years ago, we took advantage of incentives combined with donations to convert all our lighting to efficient LED.
  • We reuse our cardboard boxes and recycle them along with packaging of our inbound supplies.
  • We resurfaced our roof with highly-reflective GACO to minimize summer heat gain.

We also maintain a community green space in Bridge Bread Park and Parking.

For the very first time, the new system will cool the kitchen on hot days.
The LED lights in the cafe are not only energy-efficient but also bright and cheerful.
We receive a lot of supplies in boxes, and we get our boxes returned from customers for re-use and eventual recycling.
Our roof is so reflective that it’s dangerous without eye protection on a sunny day.