Bridge Bread Values – Fellowship

Bridge Bread is a Family

  • The Bridge Bread Bakers in the kitchen are a family of their own. Each has their own story, but they all share a history that includes the hardship and trials of homelessness. They support and encourage each other on a daily basis.
  • The entire staff of the Bakery is often referred to as the Bridge Bread Family. This includes the Bakers, the Operations Manager and Administrative Assistant, the Executive Director. In addition to the daily operation, we often enjoy time together.
  • The entire Bakery team is a broader family. The Bridge Bread Family above plus the Board of Directors and all the volunteers in the Bake Shop, at our shop at Soulard Farmers Market, in the Distribution Room, and out making deliveries. We really value our volunteer family members and our Board.
  • When you add in all the volunteers at the supporting places of worship, schools, neighborhood groups, and businesses, it is a very large and diverse group. Many, but not all of our supporting donors are part of these groups, but all donors are important members of the Bridge Bread Family. Most opportunities for fellowship occur at the supporting locations, but we relish the interaction between these groups, especially at events like our Gala and our 10-year anniversary.
  • With the strong support we have received from the media, there is an even larger group of Bridge Bread supporters. Buyers at church consignment sales, online orders, shoppers at our Cherokee and Soulard bake shops, and purchases made at Bridge Bread resellers provide yet another opportunity for people to get to know the story of ‘Hope in the Baking’ and to feel inspired to discuss in their own small groups how our social enterprise is making a difference – and to consider what they can do themselves to help.

Bridge Bread Bakery loves the fellowship of all the Bridge Bread Families!