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Valued at $3,000

Be the Hero of Hope: Become the Presenting Sponsor of the 2024 Bread & Butter Gala

Change the Lives of Many, Invest in One Extraordinary Evening.

By becoming the Presenting Sponsor of the 2024 Bread & Butter Gala, you have the power to fuel our growth and transform lives in 2025. Your generous donation will go beyond simply covering the Gala’s costs. It will be a strategic investment in our mission: creating a path to stable employment and housing for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Here’s how your partnership will make a difference:

  • More Bakers, More Hope: Your contribution will allow us to expand our team, bringing on more bakers who are transitioning out of homelessness. This means more people gain the skills, income, and stability they need to rebuild their lives.
  • A Flourishing Future: Your investment will be the seed for a flourishing future. As we grow, we can help even more individuals achieve self-sufficiency.

Become the presenting sponsor and be recognized as a champion for change.

To purchase your sponsorship email or click here to access our signup page at

With your Presenting Sponsorship you will get:

  • 2 Tables (10 seats each)
  • 1 Table named after your company
  • Bridge Bread Day (Value: $1000) at workplace
  • Your name on the Marquee at Chase Park Plaza:
  • Your logo on prominently displayed on the video screens:
  • Your logo prominently displayed on our program:
  • Mention from the stage by our Master of Ceremonies
  • Logo on the ticket sales page to be viewed by anyone considering purchasing tickets to the event.
  • Mentions on all posts and events on Facebook
  • Mentions on all Instagram posts
  • Mentions on all X (Twitter) Posts:
  • Mention on all Linked In Posts

To purchase your sponsorship email or click here

Bridge Bread Bakery thanks the wonderful people that made our very first ‘Bread and Butter Gala’ fundraiser a resounding success!

Posted by Bridge Bread on Tuesday, October 24, 2023