Bridge Bread Values – Dignity of All

Bridge Bread Bakery on Cherokee Street is located in an area where people of very limited means congregate. We welcome everyone in our bakery’s cafe. There are several things we do they promote the dignity of all.

  • We make our café available to all, not just customers. It is a popular respite from the elements. The café offers the following, free of charge:
    • Free coffee
    • Access to restrooms
      • There are no other restrooms open to the public on the street
    • Daytime shelter
  • When we have fresh, healthy product that does not meet our standards for sale due to size, shape, or appearance, we put it on the ‘Free Table.’ Very little product is discarded! The Free Table is often available in our entryway, even when the café is closed.
  • With some discretion, we often provide some basic free food to particularly needy people. We also provide mylar blankets for warmth.
  • Our cake donuts are only 50 cents, and this provides an opportunity for people of limited means to be ‘customers.’ Two donuts and a free cup of coffee isn’t a balanced meal, but it is very much appreciated.
  • Bridge Bread Bakery’s Wi-Fi is available to anyone, providing access to communication and information, even when the phone bill has not been paid.
  • We offer fresh produce in Bridge Bread Park behind the Bakery and there are benches and a picnic table for all to enjoy when weather permits.